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כל מה שצריך לדעת לפני שקונים

  • איך המסך מתחבר לרכב?
    The screen connects through a radio frequency Then we can connect to the screen through the smartphone in Bluetooth
  • I have an old car, how do I know it's right for me?
    Its screen is meant to solve the problem that not all vehicles have multimedia, therefore the screen is suitable for every vehicle every year. No need to disassemble or connect anything in the car
  • What do I need that I had in the car and do I need to assemble or disassemble things in the car?
    The screen is attached with the help of a tripod to the windshield or the dashboard of the car, there is no need to disassemble or assemble anything. The screen is an external screen enough to have an old radio that works the audio of the screen comes out of the speakers in the car because it is connected to the radio using the frequency
  • how much is a delivery?
    The cost of shipping to the whole country
  • Is payment on the site secure?
    The site has the most stringent PCI-SSK security facility and is approved by the credit company Max for clearing credit cards The credit details are not stored in any database immediately and are not exposed to any party You can also pay by Paypal and Bit in addition:
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